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Series: Tokyo Babylon (東京 BABYLON) and x/1999 (X - エックス) Manga

Character: Sumeragi Subaru (皇 昴流)

Timeline: Post Volume 18.5

Personality: Subaru was once a cheerful, caring, and innocent young man whose biggest dream was to become a veterinarian or zoo keeper. However he changed dramatically after Seishirou betrayed him and killed his sister. He became withdrawn and antisocial. He focused on his desire to find and be killed by Seishirou. And he blames himself for not being a strong enough target for Seishirou to kill, and for allowing his sister to take his place. More than anything, his life was driven (from 1992 - early 1999) by his desire to be worth something in Seishirou's eyes, even if it was only to be worth killing. While he's no longer the easily flustered type, Seishirou was still able to get under his skin without any problems. Normally this was translated as anger, but it was more anger at himself for still being attracted to the man who killed his sister, than anger directed at Seishirou.

On the surface he is apathetic, but his kindness shows through occasionally with little gestures here and there. However, even though he can still be kind, he is sad and empty inside and cares very little for his own welfare or anyone else's. The only thing keeping him from ending his own miserable existence is Seishirou's eye. He cannot bare to lose the last piece of the man he loved, no matter how much that man twisted his love and used him. He does not see the world in black and white, or right and wrong. Instead he works towards his own goals and wishes without caring who may be hurt in the process.

As a child and young man he was troubled by being 'different from everyone else' because of his abilities. While this doesn't bother him quite as much anymore (mainly because he frankly doesn't care), he does realize that his life experiences instantly alienate him most of the people he meets. He chooses to keep others at a distance, though if its for their own safety or because he doesn't want to become attached to anyone again, is hard to say. He empathizes with others that have gone through trauma and loss, but doesn't do more than occasionally give advice. He is still hard working, and takes his abilities and work seriously.

Background: CLAMP Wikia

Abilities/Additional Notes: Being an Onmyouji (a Japanese Spiritualist/ Yin and Yang Master/ Occultist; pick your English term), Subaru can cleanse and exorcise spirits and demons. He also knows spells to deflect curses, and create shields. To preform different spells he uses a mix of chants, ofuda (strips of rice paper with Buddhist spells written on them), and mudra or hand forms (think the hand signals that are used in Naruto for ninjutsu, mudra for Onmyoudo are similar) that focus and redirect different elements of a person's ki or energy. His magic requires a great amount of mental focus and concentration. After using a slew of spells or one particularly powerful or complicated spell he is often physically and mentally weakened and/or exhausted. Since he also tends to put his very best efforts into even the simplest spells, he can use up his stamina very quickly, often using up most of his strength against a difficult opponent very quickly and ending up close to defenseless.

Subaru also has an extensive knowledge of the occult and spells and curses from other schools of thought. He is a decent combatant, though he relies almost entirely on his magic to fight. He can sense life forms and others with magical abilities (unless they are shielding their presence and are more powerful than he is), as well as spells and latent magic.

By taking Seishirou's eye (and killing him), Subaru became the Sakurazukamori. He gained some of Seishirou's abilities, such as being able to kill someone by thrusting his hand through their chest, and the ability to magically mark, and track, his 'prey'.

Really Boring, Long List Of Canon Spells
Note: Some of the 'duplicate' spells occur because CLAMP simplified Subaru's magic some in X. Rather than chanting he mainly uses mudra and ofuda. This could be seen as his advancement past most spoken spells if you go by the standard three tiered system of Western magic, but I haven't found anything showing that to bleed over into Onmyoudo. Though Seishirou also shows this proficiency, so it may just be CLAMP's own interpretation of how Onmyoudo works (every show, movie, website, and manga that I've used as a research tool seems to handle it a little differently, so I'm just going to keep it as close to TB & X as I can, while still having it make sense).

Spells are taken from the Tokyo Babylon Manga & OVAS and the X Manga.

Revealing/ Manifesting Spell - Om Sanmaji Handomei Kiriku (x3).

Spirit Cleansing Spell* (with Hand Forms) - Om Bazara Daruma Kiri Souka. (x3) Rin (臨) Pyo (兵) Tou (闘) Sha (者) Kai (皆) Chin (陳) Retsu (烈) Zai (在) Zen (前).

Exorcising Spell (with Ofuda) - Om Onabokya Beiroshana Makabodara Mani Handomajinpara Haraparitayaun Onabokya Beiroshana Umakabodaramani Handomajinpara Haraparitaya Un. Om.

Exorcising Spell (without Ofuda or Hand Forms) - Om Bazaradaruma Kirisohaka.

Exorcising Spell (with Hand Forms) - On Kakaka Bisanmaei Sowaka. On Kakaka Bisanmaei Sowaka.

Exorcising Spell 2 (with Hand Forms) - Om Batarei Ya Sowaka. Om Batarei Ya Sowaka. Om Batarei Ya Sowaka.

Stunning/ Entrapment Spell (with 'Om' Ofuda) - Rin (臨) Pyo (兵) Tou (闘) Sha (者) Kai (皆) Chin (陳) Retsu (烈) Zai (在) Zen (前) Om Bazaradaruma Kirisohaka.

Release from Stunning/ Entrapment Spell (dissolves Ofuda) - Om Kirikyaraharahara Futaranbasosohaka.

Trap (with Ofuda & Hand Forms) - Ofuda placed surrounding the target attacker.

Entering a Person's Soul/ Pulling someone from 'Within'** (with 'Om' Ofuda & Hand Forms) - Noboua Kyasha Kyashabaya Onarikya Mariborisouka. Nobouakyasha Kyashabaya. Om. Arikya Maiborisouka. Nobouakyasha Kyashabaya. Onarikya Mariborisouka. Nobouakyasha Kyashabaya. Onarikya Mariborisouka.

Jyuso Gaeshi - Curse Deflector (with 'Om' Ofuda which are activated by water) - On Sowahanba Shuda Saraba Tamara Sowahanbara Shudo Kan. On Tatagyato Dohanbaya Sowaka. On Handobo Dohanbaya Sowaka. Onbazoro Dohanbaya Sowaka. Onbasaragini Harajihatsutaya Sowaka. Onbarodaya Sowaka. On Boku Ken.

Jyuso Gaeshi - Curse Deflector (with Hand Forms) - On Sowa Hanba Shuda Saraba Taraman wa Hanba Shudokan. On Sowa Hanba Shuda Saraba Taraman wa Hanba Shudokan. On Sowa Hanba Shuda Saraba Taraman wa Hanba Shudokan. On Basara Gini wa Rachi wa Taya Sowaka. On Basara Gini wa Rachi wa Taya Sowaka. On Sowa Hanba Shuda Saraba Taraman wa Hanba Shudokan. On Sowa Hanba Shuda Saraba Taraman wa Hanba Shudokan. On Batarei Ya Sowaka.

Dispelling Shakanagi - Backlash*** (with Traditional Dagger, Mirror & Ofuda Barrier) - Noubo Aratannou Tarayaya. Noumakuariya Mitabaya. Tatagyataya Arakatei Sanmyaku Sanbodaya. Tanitayaon. Amiritei. Amirita Dohanbei. Amirita. Sanbabei. Sarabaarat Sadanei. Sarabakyara Kishougyarei. Amirita Gyarapei. Amirita Shiddei. Amirita Teisei. Amiritabiki Randei. Kishayougyarei Souka.

Seeking Spell (with Shikigami Ofuda) - Shuku do Sho.

Advanced Seeking Spell (with Shikigami Ofuda & Traditional Wear and Materials) - Shuku Do. Sho. On Myo Go Gyo Hi Kuu.

Attack Shikigami**** (with Star Ofuda) - Shukyuoudou.

Shikigami Barrier Breaking Spell (with Shikigami Ofuda & Traditional Dagger) - Rin Hei Tou Sha. Kai Jin. Retsu. Zai. Zen. Ha.

Simple Shield (with Hand Forms) - First two fingers together pointing up.

Shield (with Hand Forms) - On Asan Magini Unhatta. On Bazaragini Haraji Hattaya Sowaka. On Makayakisha Bazarasataba. Jaku Unban Koharabei Shaun. On Bazara Toshikoku.

Simple Shield Against Dead Spirits - Draws a pentagram with his fingers.

Protective Ward***** (with 'Om' Ofuda) - Ofuda thrown to surround the area of protection.

Kekkai (with Hand Forms) - Two fingers held in other hand with its first two fingers held up right. (After Seishirou's death he is no longer able to create a Kekkai.)

*The last part of this spell is also known as 'the nine cuts'. It can also be used as a protection spell (against spirits or supernatural attacks), though in the other source I found it they warned against using it on other humans, especially a human without supernatural abilities. 'The nine cuts' also happens to be one of the more simple protection spells in an Onmyouji's arsenal, and can be used by someone with even the smallest hint of spiritual or supernatural abilities.

** 'Going Within' - This is a comatose state where the person has lost the will to live in the real world and retreats to their memories (usually of happier times). Outwardly they are unresponsive, and it is very dangerous to preform the spell to pull them back out as it leaves the caster unprotected and at the will of the comatose person's mind.

*** Backlash - All Onmyouji use precautions to protect themselves from the backlash that comes from casting a spell. From my understanding and what research I could find, this includes doing a ritual of some kind, and offering up a sacrifice or a shikigami (in this case a paper stand in which is magicked to have the same signature as the caster) to take damage for the caster. This particular spell is used to dispel backlash for a second party who has not set up these precautions. This does put the caster at great risk however.

**** Shikigami - A shikigami is spiritual extension of an Onmyouji. It normally appears in the form of an animal or humanoid (a two headed falcon in Subaru's case), and is controlled by the Onmyouji that summons it. They can preform tasks ranging from tracking to attacking and although Subaru and Seishirou never summon more than one, it is possible to summon and control many at once.

***** Wards - The strength of a ward depends on the ability and skill level of the caster. They protect an area from unwanted spells. Wards are slightly different from shields in that they don't always protect against physical things like falling debris, while a shield is weaker against spells (though this depends greatly on the power of the caster vs the attacker).

Advocate Note: No.

Sample Journal Post:

[Subaru can be seen looking

Sample RP:
(A 3rd person RP sample. Show us how you can play your character! Any existing 3rd-person rp is usable for this so long as we see their personality)


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